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Preparing for Competition

We have been working on our report for Competition which is due on March 9th! We are planning to have a full draft done by March 1st so that we have time to make enough edits!

Right now we are still working on the construction portion of the plane! Brandon had to remake the fuselage because while glueing the first one the wood warped slightly so the wing wouldn’t go in correctly aligned. Christine is about to start machining her landing gear components! All of her drawings have been approved by our machinist!

Keith Came to Help this Week

We are on the construction phase of the plane! Woo!

Keith has come to help with the fabrication of plane. He has a lot of experiences and is teaching us how to put the plane together.

Olivia has been working on the outer wings, she has been shaving down the wood to form the shape of the wings! Chris is attaching the ribs to the spars on the tail!


This morning we registered for the advanced class of the competition! It was a very stressful morning- we had 6 computers for 5 team members! We made it in before the waitlist and all was well! Our payment went through initially so we didn’t need to stress after the initial waiting time! WOOO! We are going to Florida!