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Successful Payload Drop!

We went out and flew again today and dropped the payloads successfully!!! The image is a screenshot from our video showing our payloads dropping! We flew with 3 dynamic payloads today and they stayed pretty close together when they landed!

First Flight

We successfully flew the plane for the first time yesterday! We took it out to the nearby airfield around 9:30 am to test it! The plane was not carrying any of the payloads so it took off very easily. We have videos of the take off! Below is a picture taken from the MCRCS Facebook page! 

Camera Works!!

Yesterday the camera was set up and able to get an image on the computer which was very exciting!! We are moving along with the telemetry system! Below is a picture of the screen showing the camera image!

Today we wired the inner wing and set up all of the connections necessary before the inner wing component is monokoted! We had to cut out small holes in the ribs for the wires to go through more directly in order to use less wire! 

We submitted our Technical Report!!

We submitted our technical report to competition today!! It is a limit of 30 pages describing the plane as a whole with innovations and design integrations between different components! We are very excited to have finished our first component for competition!

For the report we had to assemble the whole plane to have accurate measurements of the plane! The assembled plane is shown below!!


Wiring the tail

Last Friday Christine completed the landing gear machining!

Chris and Alison got the chance to wire the tail on Monday and then Chris was able to monokote the stabilizers!

Wiring the Tail

Olivia spent a lot of Monday sanding the front of the middle wing! She was able to attach all of the pieces of the wing to the fuselage!

Fuselage with all wing parts attached

Preparing for Competition

We have been working on our report for Competition which is due on March 9th! We are planning to have a full draft done by March 1st so that we have time to make enough edits!

Right now we are still working on the construction portion of the plane! Brandon had to remake the fuselage because while glueing the first one the wood warped slightly so the wing wouldn’t go in correctly aligned. Christine is about to start machining her landing gear components! All of her drawings have been approved by our machinist!

Keith Came to Help this Week

We are on the construction phase of the plane! Woo!

Keith has come to help with the fabrication of plane. He has a lot of experiences and is teaching us how to put the plane together.

Olivia has been working on the outer wings, she has been shaving down the wood to form the shape of the wings! Chris is attaching the ribs to the spars on the tail!

Winter Break Update!

We have been back at school now for a couple weeks over winter break working on the fabrication of the plane! We laser cut the airfoils for the wing and tail and started fabrication! Olivia finished attaching the outer wing airfoils to the carbon fiber! Chris’ 3-D printed connector blocks were finished! Brandon started laser cutting the fuselage! Christine is sewing the payloads and Alison is working on the code right now.

We met with Keith today to go over different wood manufacturing skills for fabricating the plane!